''Cool! What a great grate! My great-great grandfather had a grate that was greater than this grate, though. It didn't have all the rust that this one's got.''

''Great quivering enigmas with a side salad and a light tartare sauce! There's an hidden exit here!''
Squirrel: ''Overthrow the government! Let us rise up and... er... squeak?''  

Nightshade: ''If there's one thing I can stand it's anarchic squirrels.''
Sutekh:         ''Farewell, Lampshade!''
Nightshade:   ''Nightshade!''
Sutekh:          ''Sorry - Nightshade!''
Squirrel: ''Squeak?''

Nightshade: ''Ugh! Cuteness factor nine! I don't think I can take it!''
Old lady:

''Oh look! It's Nightcart!''

''Boy, you ain't no more popular than a rabid weasel in a ballet class!''

The Nightshade Hideout (TNH), Simoneer, 2008-2009.
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