The Nightshade Hideout (TNH), Simoneer, 2008-2010.

    Latest update: January 8, '10
This site is... difficult to maintain. It's bullshit.

Why oh why did I choose to make a custom template instead of just choosing one that WebStarts offer? It was a dumb choice. Yeah, it actually looks related to the game now, but it takes so much effort every time I create a new page. Why? Because there's no set template. When I create a new page, I just copy & paste a "template page" I've made. This does not make a button for the new page appear on any other pages, and I am forced to do it manually. And I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and I want every button perfectly aligned. This is why I'm not updating as much as I otherwise would. It just takes too much time & effort. Average time it takes is about 30 minutes... And that's without actually adding any info on the new page.

Then sometimes... I make one little mistake I do not notice. And I make that mistake for every single page and need to redo it all once I'm finally "finished". It's painstaking.

Yeah yeah. Enough ranting. Bear with me, folks. Bear with me.